Sustainability is not an end game. It is a process of continuous improvement.
Our journey to a lower environmental footprint starts with a low carbon "direct-to-you" model.

Our packaging:
We have minimised excess waste by completely redesigning how golf balls are packaged. While other golf balls are usually delivered in three different layers of cardboard, Vollē golf balls use one robust box that ships directly from our warehouse to you.
The Vollē boxes are:
- 100% recyclable
- Made locally from NZ wood that is PEFC certified


Our sustainability journey is only just beginning. We will always push for innovation and drive for a cleaner and greener tomorrow.

By choosing Vollē, you're helping us bring change to the game by saying no to corporate sluggishness.

Play Vollē.

Further packaging details:
We work with suppliers that meet the following certifications and accreditations:
* ISO 14001 - Environmental Management
* PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification)
* One of our key drivers is to reduce our landfill impact and we are proud to say that our carton suppliers do not have any trade waste and have a number of initiatives in our environmental management system, including:
* All stretch/shrink wrap is recycled
* All cardboard waste is recycled
* An ongoing waste minimisation programme
* All Vollē card is recyclable.
* Finally, our supplier uses UV Print technology which is the way of the future and is a modern greener way to manufacture print efficiently.