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Great ball comparable to the best of the big brands.

Awesome ball to play, long off the driver, excellent spin of the wedges. Great feel, a really excellent ball.


Great ball, suits my game. Excellent spin around the greens and with wedges, and I found less spin with my driver which will hopefully equal more fairways hit

The Vol.1
Warren Wright
Good ball!!

This is a very good ball, love the feel tee to green. Has a good feel on approach shots and is as durable as my gamer Pro V1X. Just wish there was a yellow version.

The Vol.1 - 3 Pack
Charles Moller
Good option

Nice ball
Cheaper option than a pro v and feels very similar

The Vol.1
Shaun OShea
Awesome durability

Hi there guys, tried your ball for the 1st time, loved the ball had a great feel off the club. Will definitely purchase again.

The Vol.1
Peter Sullivan
Absolutely great!

I've always been one to play either ProV's or TP5's but this ball is just as good! As a single digit handicapper I can't fault them!

The Vol.1
Ian Marshall
Golf ball to match

I have used most brands of golf ball and found that the Volle ball is equal to any other brand but with at a much cheaper price.

The Vol.1 - 3 Pack
Brad Sinclair

Shot a cheeky 7 under with them. Think i better by some more

The Vol.1
Jim Bradley
The only problem is user error

This ball gave me some of my straitest drives on the weekend and had me in prime position for a birdie. User error turned it into a 2 par bogie but the flight on this thing to get me there was amazing.

The Vol.1
Tom Taniwha

The Volle is an excellent option for top golfers will definitely stay with brand

The Vol.1 - 3 Pack
Luke Wright
Pump it

I pump the vollé 300+ as far as any prov1. Treat yourself to snack pack of 3.


One of the best balls i have played with. Has the feel and control of a ProV1 or TP5, such a nice comfortable ball for all levels of golf. Excellent service, so easy to get what we needed.
Will definitely be playing with these from now on.

The Vol.1
Dane Moss
Love them

Favorite ball to use. Great feel and helping me improve my game. And when im off, they can sure take a beating off trees and roads without showing much wear

The Vol.1
Richard Peter Morrell

I'm a single figure HC .I have been trying different golf balls over last 6 months or so. This ball comes up trumps in every aspect ,feel ,distance , workability and spin. Highly recomend for the price. This is the ball I now put into play

The Vol.1
David Cameron
Kiwi Spirit

These are amazing balls even though in the wrong hands they can still wander in to trees, lakes, bushes and bunkers! Joking aside I'm stoked with their feel, durability, playability and spin. If you haven't tried them get hold of a bargain and give them a go, you wont be disappointed.

The Vol.1
phil H
Good feel and great flight.

Used these for my most recent round. They feel good coming of the club and the flight of them was long and straight (when hit well).

The Vol.1
The perfect ball

Great Ball to hit of the tee.
plenty of grip on and around the greens, I would definitely recommend them over a prov1 or any other high grade balls.
And way cheaper

The Vol.1
Peter Thompson
Dog ate three of them

New sheep dog pup likes them! Are 3 the mungrull.
Nice ball to hit also, I told the boys they’re French! Very impressed

The Vol.1
Garth Bradburn
Distance and feel

Loving these balls, getting great distance and still a great response around greens with good check and spin, they last well and the price comparison to titleist is a no brainer, next order going in soon.
Have converted 10 players from my club also on better handicaps than myself and they are very happy with these balls.

The Vol.1
Doug Marsh
Nett 67

First round with these balls. Long and controllable. Approach shots gripped nicely. Definitely recommend.

The Vol.1
Brad Weber
A-class ball

Love playing a Volle ball. Good distance off the tee and control around the green. No coincidence I had my best round ever with a Volle

The Vol.1
Jonathan Ward
Even better than expected

I’d heard good things about the Vollē ball, and wanted to try them as they’re a home grown kiwi brand. The first 18 holes with the same ball was a good omen, and I couldn’t believe the durability. Hardly a scratch on them! My previous dozen was some Bridgestones, and they looked far worse for ware after a round. They honestly feel like any other premium ball. Soft around the greens, feel off the putter, and plenty long enough off the tee. For $60 a dozen, they’re by far the best value premium ball available in NZ. Hats off!!

The Vol.1 - 3 Pack
Joseph Wong
I like them

Yeah I found a volle ball on the course and really liked it, until I lost it the next day.

Bought 2 sleeves since and have no regrets, just as good or better than the probVs I have.

Good to have a ball that’s different to the standard name brands too

So far so good!!

I have only played one round since my delivery but so far so good. They have a very nice feel of all clubs, nice of the tee with nice feedback off the driver head, feels good off the irons going into the greens and once again off the putter face. Keen to get a few more miles in over the coming weeks to put these beauties to the test.

The Vol.1
Auvae Tapuai
Volle golf balls

These balls are by far the best I've played and at half the price of the premium brands top ball you can't go wrong