The Vol.1 - 3 Pack

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For the golfer that wants performance across the board:

  • Longer distance
  • Masterful control
  • Softer feel
  • Spin on demand

Engineered in a premium and durable cast urethane cover.

4 piece cast urethane | 85 compression | 336 dimples

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Joseph Wong
I like them

Yeah I found a volle ball on the course and really liked it, until I lost it the next day.

Bought 2 sleeves since and have no regrets, just as good or better than the probVs I have.

Good to have a ball that’s different to the standard name brands too

Steve Aburn
Love this ball

Found this ball on the course. Liked it. Ordered some more. I drive this further than any other ball and have adequate green side control. Will buy more.

Logan Kennett
It’s a no brainer!

Decided to try vollē balls out after seeing them on social media. I saw they were NZ made and i was even more curious. After a couple rounds with them i can confidently say the Vol. 1 ball is one of the most consistant balls i’ve played! Spins around the greens, consistant flight off the tee and good feel and feedback off the putter. Right up with Pro V1s and TP5s in my eyes but if you factor in the price of Vollē balls it’s a no brainer. Will definitely be back to buy more once i either lose or retire the ones i have!

Gordon Carlyle
Quality Ball

Normally a Pro V1x loyalist. Decided to try Volle as it's a New Zealand company and had heard good things. It's a really good ball. Nice feel around the greens and good flight on longer shots. Durability seems really good as well. Will definitely be ordering a box.

Simon Dennis
Great feel for the short time I was in possession of them

These balls were awesome, but I only managed to hang onto them for 9 holes before I lost all three by chunking them into various water traps. My first drive of the day was a bomb down the middle, and it just got better from there (until the 5th hole when I chunked my first one into a lake). Looking forward to purchasing enough to get me through an entire round now