We let numbers do the talking. The Vollē Vol.1 is proven to compete toe to toe with the other premium golf brands in the market.

The Vol.1 and six other big brand balls were put to the test at Golf Laboratories Inc, an independent equipment testing firm based in San Diego, California. Golf Laboratories has been conducting robotic testing for over 31 years and is the world leader in golf testing, used by every major ball manufacturer, the USGA and the R&A.

Using a state of the art computer controlled robot, along with the most advanced launch monitors available, Golf Laboratories can duplicate any golf swing and capture all swing and flight data with precision, repeatability and consistency.


Equipment Used: Driver - Ping 10.5°, Pitching Wedge (Adams Golf Idea)
Swing Speed: 100 mph
Launch Angle: 11 degrees
Spin: 2600 rpm



Driver Test: Vol.1 vs Pro V1x








Reference point:

A typical amateur golfer swings at 92 mph with a 10 degree launch angle at approximately 2900 rpm of backspin.

A typical tour player swings at 113 mph with a 11 degree launch angle at approximately 2500 rpm of backspin.


* Independent testing was conducted by Golf Laboratories on the 2 September 2020.

Golf Ball Models used:

Titleist - Pro V1 (2019)
Titleist - Pro V1x (2019)
Srixon - Z-Star (2019)
Bridgestone Tour B X (2020)